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This is an invitation…
•        to skip the 10,000+ hours of investment it would take to achieve mastery and
•        learn from someone who knows the path, who has already put in over 40,000 hours.
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•        Imagine… learning in seconds an unexpected way to create and maintain harmony with your kids.
What You Can Expect from this Guide
The Meditating Mama Meditation Guide
To me, meditation is a very personal experience. I’ve rarely thought of helping people meditate.

Now people have said they would like my help with their meditation.

I’ll share what I can.

1)        Personal experience, from my almost 50 years of meditating.
2)        The minimal knowledge I’ve gathered from others over the years, mostly directly from people.
3)        Live meditation sessions, online.

I was not a mama when I began meditating. I had not even thought of being a mama.

I recently began sharing my meditation practice because I want people to know that it might not be necessary to have absolute quiet to
meditate. For me it is not.

As a meditating mama I often had my little ones climbing on my lap as I meditated.

I did not let that stop me from being grounded and centered or from quieting my mind, or from being a source of flowing love.