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“The Quick Fix” Common Problems...Simple Solutions includes:
Disobedience / Rudeness / Won't Pick Things Up / Arguments / Preventing A Public
Tantrum / Doesn't Want To Go To Bed / Doesn't Do Chores / Whining / Prevention /  
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“Instant Start Guide”..."When you just want to start right away...you are tired of having
an unhappy child...you are tired of the stress..."

Articles (3)
1.        Feeling Disrespectful? Here’s Help!
Most of the time you think you are a respectful parent. But sometimes you just don’t feel
like being respectful. Here’s what you can do...
Willful Disobedience and the Power of Respect
I know that you are committed to staying respectful to your kids. I also know that it is extra
difficult to stay respectful when your kids are being willfully disobedient...
Troubled Teen? You Can Start Helping Right Away!
What is the single most important goal to set to guarantee successful helping?

1.        7 Simple Steps to End Conflict NOW!
..7 more secrets that I use to perform what others call “miracles!”
Eliminate / Prevent problems between me and kids...help others do the same.
Kids love this approach!...so do the adults who try it....
Interview: Kid Trouble
This interview gives you information on how to help stop Kid Trouble!
We talk about the recipe and the formula for doing this whether the issue is attitude,
chores, rudeness, lying, drugs, or even gangs...
3.        #1 Grandparenting Secret Revealed!
4.        Seminar On Ending Struggles With Kids (focused for grandparents)
5.        Grandcoach Interview with Kay Fontana
6.        Q&A #1 (for grandparents)
7.        Q&A #2 (for grandparents)
8.        7 Secrets To Raising Happy Kids!

1.        Power of Respect (5 posts)...includes:
*Celebrate Father's Day and the Power of Respect
*The Fifth Style of Parenting
*Eliminate Punishment...Eliminate Child Abuse
 Powerful Grandparent (5 posts)...includes:
*Grandparents and Beloved Grandkids
*Trouble Between Adult Kids and Grandkids
*Grandparents Raising Grandkids
Miracle Worker…of Education and Parenting (7 posts)...includes:
*Power of Respect: Harmless Parenting
*Creating Joyful Choices
*Understanding the Two-Year-Old

Ebooks (9)
1.        Good Parent Good Kids
2.        Sampler
3.        Getting Started
4.        Fighting Kids
5.        Teens
6.        Spouse Problems
7.        Divorce!
8.        Grandparents
9.        Daily Scheduling

Groups (focused information)
All Parents
1.        Parents to Be
2.        New Parents
3.        Parents of 2-Year-Olds
4.        Parents of Teens
5.        Step Parents
6.        Foster Parents
1.        Montessorians
2.        Preschool Staff
3.        Child Care Providers
4.        Nevada Registry

Raise Happy Kids Newsletter Archives (10 Months of Newsletters – for now)

Q&As (42)
1.        Adult Kids
2.        Angry Parent
3.        Attitude
4.        Bedtime
5.        Being Polite
6.        Bored
7.        Kid Transitions: shifting from house to house
8.        Chores
9.        Disrespectful Dad
10.        Driving Vacations
11.        Empowering
12.        Fighting Brothers
13.        Fighting Kids
14.        Fighting Cousins
15.        Getting Needs Met
16.        Getting Started
17.        Grandkids and Food
18.        Grandparents’ Value
19.        Growing Up
20.        Guilt
21.        Standing In Line
22.        Kids Hitting
23.        Lying
24.        Money
25.        Morning
26.        Name Calling
27.        New Baby
28.        New Single Parent
29.        Not Feeling Respectfully
30.        Parents Fighting
31.        Rude Daughter-In-Law
32.        Rudeness
33.        School?
34.        Sibling Conflict
35.        Single Parent Dinner
36.        Stepparent
37.        Stress-Free Morning
38.        Tantrum
39.        Teen Attitude
40.        Teen Values
41.        Too Messy
42.        Willful Disobedience

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Trainings (8)
Power of Respect Mini-Course (12 Lessons)
Raise Happy Kids Intensive
1.        Week One: Focus On Masterful Actions
2.        Week Two: Power of Respect Mindset
3.        Week Three: The Power of Respect
4.        Week Four: End Conflict NOW!
5.        Week Five: The Model Parent
6.        Week Six: Self-Respect
7.        Week Seven: Transitional Two Year Olds: The Age of Willpower

1.        Introducing Respect
2.        Using Respect
3.        Parents As Models
4.        Share Your Feelings and Ask
5.        Respect Talk and Food
6.        Create Harmony
7.        Your Self Respect
8.        The Invisible Root Cause
9.        Respected Kids…
10.        The Power of Respect
11.        No More Tantrums

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