Table Of Contents for The 1 Rule to Raising Happy Kids

A Beginning--8
    The Side-Effects of the 1 Rule--9
    What Is the 1 Rule?--10
    I Asked Myself--10
    Why and How the 1 Rule Works--11
    Self-Determined Kids--11
    Your Foundation Is Your Heart-to-Heart Bridge--11
Chapter One: Achieving Our Goal: Raising Happy, Confident, Respectful Kids!12
    The Power of Harmony--12
    So Kids Always FEEL Loved--13
    Root Cause of Conflict Between Adults and Kids--13
    Kids’ Work--14
    Developmental Blueprint-15
    Adults First-15
    Why Positive Respect?--15
    Your Positive Respect Mindset--16
    Benefits of Using the 1 Rule--17
    Side-Effects of the 1 Rule--17
Chapter Two: The Benefits of the 1 Rule--19
    Endless Reasons Your Kids Are Grateful To You--19
    Reasons For You To Be Grateful To You--20
    Why Your Community Is Grateful To You And Your Family--20
    Skills Learned In A Household that Uses the 1 Rule--21
Chapter Three: The Practice Of Self-Respect--22
    Helpful Techniques For Change--23
    Practicing the Skills Of Self-Respect--23
Chapter Four: Getting Started with the 1 Rule--25
    A Formula--25
    Taking the First Step: Preparing the Soil--25
    Second Step: Taking Action: Planting The Seeds Of Change--25
    The 1 Rule--27
    Third Step: Nourish And Celebrate The Changes--27
    Fourth Step: Weeding And Letting Go--28
Chapter Five: Raising Harmonious Kids--29
    Building A Harmonious Foundation--29
    Respectful Self-Talk--30
Chapter Six: The Model Parent--31
    Being A “Good” Model-31
    New Directions--32
Chapter Seven: Trusting Children--33
    Children Need To Be Trusted--33
    Benefits Of Trust--34
Chapter Eight: Power Of Respect FAQs--35
    Q. Shouldn’t my children be respectful to me first?--35
    Don’t I deserve their respect?--35
    Q. You mean I can’t tell them what to do?--35
    Q. Why are you against punishment?--35
    Q. What about logical and natural consequences?--35
    Q. What if my child runs into the road?--35
    Q. You mean I have to go to bed at the same time my child does?--36
    Q. What if it’s cold outside? I can’t tell them to put on a jacket?--36
    Q. What if they don’t do what I tell them to do? What then?--36
    Q. What if I’m afraid to trust my child’s judgment?--36
    Q. What is the importance of the 1 Rule and harmony in raising kids?--37
    Q. Why focus on the 1 Rule and harmony instead of love?--37
Chapter Nine: Harmony With Baby--38
    Preparation For Pregnant Mothers--38
    Preparation For Pregnant Fathers--39
    Harmony with The Newborn and the 1 Rule--39
    The Older Baby: Preparing The Environment--40
    With Safety In Mind--40
    With Stimulation In Mind--40
    With Independence In Mind--41
    Providing Developmental Experiences--41
    Keeping Up With The Toddler--43
Chapter Ten: Transitional Twos: The Age Of Willpower--46
       The 1 Rule and Your Happy 2Yr Old--46
    Harmoniously Living With A Two-Year-Old-47
    Making Choices--48
Chapter Eleven: Transformed Teens--50
    Respectful Insights, Understandings, Guidelines And Reminders--50
Chapter Twelve: Work It--52
    Respectful Guidance, Insights And Guidelines--52
The Conclusion--54
Subject Bibliography--56
The 1 Rule: The Training--58
A Simple Way To Raise Happy Kids--59
    Introduction and Pre-Work--59
    Bonus Story: Kids and Swings: Origin of the 1 Rule--59
Pre-Work: Plan for Calm--61
       Bonus: Meditating Mama Meditation Guide--62
Bonus Training: Harmonize Fast Formula--63
    Level 1…….Clarity: The Lightening Round--63
    Level 2……Agreement Round--64
    Level 3……..Understanding Round--64
Lesson 1: Part 1: Babies through 2Yr Olds--65
Lesson 1: Part 2: Everyone Else      The 1 Rule = Happy Agreement--67
Lesson 2: Agreement NOT Sacrifice--69
    Bonus: Agree to Disagree--71
Lesson 3: Harmony Among Differences--72
    Bonus: The Myth of the Spoiled Child--73
Lesson 4: Habits for Harmony--75
Lesson 5: Discover Your ‘Cue’--77
Lesson 6: Change Your Focus--79
Lesson 7: The Origin of the 1 Rule--82
    The Current Origin of the 1 Rule--83
    I asked Myself--83
Lesson 8: Why and How the 1 Rule Works--84
    Self-Determined Kids--85
Lesson 9: Appreciate Your Improvements--86
    Side-Effects of the 1 Rule--86
Lesson 10: Feel Loved--88
    Your Foundation Is the Heart-to-Heart Bridge--88
    Holding Space--88
    Bonus: The Girl Who Finally Felt Her Mom Loved Her--89
Lesson 11: Healing Information--90
    Kids’ Work--90
    Developmental Blueprint--91
Lesson 12: More Healing Information--92
    Adults First--92
    Positive Respect--93