Testimonials for the Power of Respect

With my simple system:

A preschool child who experienced months of “potty accidents” had not a single one after being
exposed to the strategies from the “Power of Respect.”
*          *          *
A father at his wit’s end with his seven year old daughter’s behavior solved all their problems
and they never fight with each other again after they participate in one strategy from the “Power
of Respect.”
*          *          *
A classroom “troublemaker” participates in a “Power of Respect” strategy session and finds a
solution to bring peace to the classroom.
*          *          *
With help from the strategies of the “Power of Respect” an abused and troubled teen turns away
from gang life to his love of music and his talent as a musician.
*          *          *
An autistic student, due to the use of the “Power of Respect,” was able to choose and enter all
regular classes during high school and was happy and successful.
*          *          *
Young abused and neglected children are exposed to the strategies of the “Power of Respect”
and within two weeks have transformed from fighting, aimlessly destructive children to loving,
constructively active children.

Comments about Karen Ryce’s Parenting for the New Millennium

“I started to read it and couldn’t put it down.”
“It’s my bible.”
“My children are so nice now.”
“I wish I had this book when I was raising my children.”
“It’s every parent’s dream come true.”
*          *          *
“After reading Parenting for a New Millennium I told Ms. Ryce that I wished more people took
this attitude and treated children this way. As a teacher of autistic children, what shines brightest
is her genuine caring.”

W. Earl Clopton, David W Griffith School Los Angeles, CA
*          *          *

“When parents see alternatives and choices they are helped in finding new solutions to
problems that have plagued them and prevented them from effective parenting. Karen Ryce’s
book is such a tool.”

Alison Jones, Teacher Redway, CA
*          *          *

“Ms Ryce’s philosophy of listening and allowing the child to find his own way genuinely
celebrates the growth potential in each individual. Her methodology readily translates from the
home to the educational envi­ronment. I have gained a new way of looking at students”

Judith Rubin, Teacher Los Angeles, CA
*          *          *

“Unfortunately children don’t come with a manual, user’s guide or other documentation. We’re all
on our own when it comes to raising our kids and we often find ourselves doing the same things
our parents did. Fortunately I found ‘
Parenting for the New Millennium’”

Dr. Ann Fendley, MD
*          *          *

“An easy-to-understand book that gives a bundle of ideas and communication skills for building
families that function peacefully and foster the kind of kids every parent wants.”

Dr. Thomas Gordon, Author,
P.E.T. Parent Effectiveness Training
*          *          *

“Karen Ryce’s book,
Parenting for the New Millennium, can make a positive difference in the
lives of children and parents....”

Elena Hopkins, Retired Assistant Welfare Director
*          *          *

So you see, the “Power of Respect” does work without fail, wherever and whenever it is applied.

Imagine for a moment...some problem that you have, maybe with a child...imagine what life
would be like if that strife were gone forever. Once you experience the “Power of Respect” for
yourself, you know first hand how and why this is so important.

Look, I know that you are busy with many things competing for your attention, but don’t put this
off, pick up the phone and text me. You’ll be glad that you did.
Karen Ryce Presents

Karen Ryce
the Miracle Worker...of Education and Parenting
3721 Deer Flats St.
Las Vegas, NV 89129
Hello. My name is Brian Kasperitis. I am an educator and parent from Houston, Texas.  A few years ago, I became
aware of fellow educator, Karen Ryce and her educational books; more specifically, The 1 Rule.

What impressed me about Karen’s concept, the The 1 Rule is that it works!

Let me explain: When I started utilizing Ms. Ryce’s suggestions with my 30 yr. old daughter and my 3 yr. old
granddaughter, I noticed amazing results, immediately! In short, The 1 Rule concept of raising positive kids in this
negative world has changed my life and too, my relationship with my daughter. Also, I have witnessed positive
results as well with the developing behavior and actions of, and decision-making abilities of my 3 yr. old

By simply implementing a few basic concepts, as The 1 Rule suggests, I was able to create a vocabulary and a
sense of insight that has enabled me to obtain a mutual trust with my girls and in return, they show me respect and
a similar trust that we together are able to work well with each another as we obtain positive results and live a life
full of kindness and harmony amongst ourselves as well as the other folks that we interact with daily.

If you might be looking for a method that could assist you with interacting positively with adults and children alike, I
encourage you to seek out Karen Ryce and get your hands on one of her educational resources including The 1
Rule concept for raising positive, happy and harmonious children.

Brian G. Kasperitis
Kingwood, Texas

"There is no friend as loyal as a book."
                            Ernest Hemingway

Hi! I am Batool Kazmi, an educator from Islamic Republic of Pakistan. I'm honoured that Graceful Karen Ryce had chosen me as a representative
from Asia to introduce this book, the motive is harmony. When first, I came to know about the 1Rule, curiosity knocked my doors more and more to
get deep understanding and benefits of this rule. It's amazing, firstly, no age restrictions here because we all need harmony in our lives.

The secret of happy life is not money, it's love and understanding. For that sometimes, families need guidance. Trust me, this book will answer
many queries and will change your life. To deal with matters,conflicts, interest and any other matter this rule will bring a big change.

Grab your copy and invite harmony and love with respect in your lives. Share your views after implementing this 1Rule in your life. It's time we all
have to unite together and bring change in our lives.

Love and blessings to you all!


Batool Kazmi