Hello. My name is Brian Kasperitis. I am an educator and parent from Houston, Texas.  A
few years ago, I became aware of fellow educator, Karen Ryce and her educational books;
more specifically, The 1 Rule.

What impressed me about Karen’s concept, the The 1 Rule is that it works!

Let me explain: When I started utilizing Ms. Ryce’s suggestions with my 30 yr. old daughter
and my 3 yr. old granddaughter, I noticed amazing results, immediately! In short, The 1 Rule
concept of raising positive kids in this negative world has changed my life and too, my
relationship with my daughter. Also, I have witnessed positive results as well with the
developing behavior and actions of, and decision-making abilities of my 3 yr. old

By simply implementing a few basic concepts, as The 1 Rule suggests, I was able to create
a vocabulary and a sense of insight that has enabled me to obtain a mutual trust with my
girls and in return, they show me respect and a similar trust that we together are able to work
well with each another as we obtain positive results and live a life full of kindness and
harmony amongst ourselves as well as the other folks that we interact with daily.

If you might be looking for a method that could assist you with interacting positively with
adults and children alike, I encourage you to seek out Karen Ryce and get your hands on
one of her educational resources including The 1 Rule concept for raising positive, happy
and harmonious children.

Brian G. Kasperitis
Kingwood, Texas
**ONLY $19.00**