Imagine How This Feels...

•        Everyone getting along…enjoying being together

•        Respectful Kids…it's an inevitable result of following The 1 Rule...
Imagine that...

•        Confident Kids...they'll thank you for this!

•        Harmonious Kids...they learn it too!

•        Personal Clarity…as a parent, you now know what to say and do, when and how

•        Ability To Shift Your Thinking...super powerful ability to improve any area of life

•        Being A Good Model...feeling good about the model you are for your kids

•        Raising Trustworthy Kids...PRICELESS!!!

•        Ending Conflict…follow The 1 Rule and conflict fades into harmony

know how good that is!
What You Get in The 1 Rule: The Training
Here are some more details about The 1 Rule: The Training:

Introduction: As part of the pre-work you also get a couple of bonuses! One is the complete training              
Harmonize Fast Formula.

Pre-Work: Plan for Calm: Helpful in any stressful situation PLUS Great Meditation Bonus

Lesson 1:
Part 1: Babies through 2Yr Olds: The SPECIAL way to use the 1 Rule with them
Lesson 1:
Part 2: Everyone Else ...In the 1st of 12 Lessons you learn the 1 Rule and how to use it.

You can begin as soon as you are ready.

Lesson 2: Agreement NOT Sacrifice: You don’t have to agree to something if you don’t like it

Lesson 3:
Harmony Among Differences: Keep your differences and still find harmony

Lesson 4:
Habits for Harmony: Shift 3 habits that lead to conflict

Lesson 5:
Discover Your ‘Cue’: A tool to help you reduce stress

Lesson 6:
Change Your Focus: Very valuable tools if you ever feel less than great!

Lesson 7:
The Origin of the 1 Rule: The 2 origins of the 1 Rule to help you create your own

Lesson 8:
Why and How the 1 Rule Works: It has a scientific basis, try it!

Lesson 9:
Appreciate Your Improvements: Focusing on what is getting better

Lesson 10:
Feel Loved: This lets it flow

Lesson 11:
Healing Information: Kids’ work and their developmental blueprint

Lesson 12:
More Healing Information: Adults first and positive respect


1) The Harmonize Fast Formula (complete)

2) One FREE month in the Happy Kids Member Site

3) One month of calls FREE (4 calls) ($80 value)

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• You are invited to participate in the Private Facebook Group

• You get to participate in the weekly Q&A Zoom/Call

Think about this

You no longer dread the frustrating, embarrassing conflicts with your child.

That has all changed.

Now you know how to deal with your differences in ways that feel good to you both.

And it happened so

And it was so


peace of mind.

•...feeling wonderfully
confident as a parent.

loving to see the smile on your child’s face and their enthusiasm for life.

basking in the compliments you receive about how great your child is.

Why Learn From Me / Work With Me?

This is an invitation…

• learn from someone who knows the path, who has already put in over 40,000 hours!

• Someone who has mastered this path to the point where it can be taught in minutes.

• Imagine… receiving in seconds an unexpected way to create and maintain harmony with your kids.

Why So Cheap?

  I want everyone to be able to learn this!                           I want ALL kids to grow up happy!
"DONE with Conflicts Between You and Your Kids?"
Really Want Harmony?
Let Raising Happy Kids and the 1 Rule make it simple for you.
(ebook and training)
You can do as I did 40 years ago:

You can decide, "I'm DONE with this!"

You can promise your kids that
never try to make them to do anything that they don’t want to do.

You can keep that promise.

Like I have.

Because I did that, and more, you now have

an amazing system called

the 1 Rule to help you do exactly that.

With just
1 Rule to learn and use. Easy.
Hi Karen, where are these classes held? Are they by chance a telephone or online class? I would
love to hear your wisdom. You have raised 3 of the most beautiful, respectful, confident, kind
people I know. Hope you are doing well. Looks like you continue to do awesome work.   
Melody Willis
All This for ONLY
**ONLY $19.00**
**ONLY $19.00**
  • By the end of the Introduction you could
    create harmony with your kids for life!

       That's all you need, but there's more!

  • A proven way to raise happy kids and be a happy

  • Helping kids do their true work

  • Work with their Developmental Blueprint
  instead of against

  • How Positive Respect makes sure you raise
  respectful kids

  • Adults First is a game changer!

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 The 1 Rule to Raising Happy Kids
"I am so happy for your book to be Completed

Hope to see more

It's  a treasure" (
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Batool Kazmi
**ONLY $19.00**
NO! I do not charge you for continued Membership after the one month FREE.
You are buying the book and the training and that's it!
Click Here to read the Table of Contents for The 1 Rule to Raising Happy Kids
"Hello. My name is Brian Kasperitis. I am an educator and parent from
Houston, Texas.
 A few years ago, I became aware of fellow educator, Karen
Ryce and her educational books; more specifically, The 1 Rule.
What impressed me about Karen’s concept, the The 1 Rule is that it works!
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