Good Parents Good Kids
Raising Happy Kids

Table Of Contents

Discovery: I Finally Figure It Out

Chapter One: The Silent Problem
Problems Of Lack Of Self-Respect
The Myth Of The Spoiled Child

Chapter Two: The Benefits Of The Power Of Respect
Endless Reasons Your Children Are Grateful To You
Reasons You Can Be Grateful To You
Why Your Community Is Grateful To You And Your Family
Skills Learned In A Respectful Household

Chapter Three: The Practice Of Self-Respect
Forgiveness: A Key To Free You From Guilt
Helpful Techniques For Change
Practicing the Skills Of Self-Respect

Chapter Four: The Power Of Respect: The Cooperative Solution
The Respected Person
The Power Of Respect
What Is The Power Of Respect Mindset?
Getting Started: A Formula
Taking The First Step: Preparing The Soil
Second Step: Taking Action: Planting The Seeds Of Change
End Conflict NOW! In 7 Simple Steps
Mediation: Spontaneous End Conflict NOW!
Third Step: Nourish And Celebrate The Change
Fourth Step: Weeding And Letting Go
Thoughts Worth Thinking

Chapter Five: Raising Respectful Children
Building A Foundation Of Respect: “Respect is my foundation.”
The Language Of Respect

Chapter Six: The Model Parent
Being A Good Model
New Directions

Chapter Seven: Trusting Children
Children Need To Be Trusted
Affirmations Of Trust
Benefits Of Trust
Steps Toward Trusting

Chapter Eight: Power Of Respect Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Shouldn’t my children be respectful to me first?
Don’t I deserve their respect?
Q. You mean I can’t tell them what to do?
Q. Why are you against punishment?
Q. What about logical and natural consequences?
Q. What if my child runs into the road?
Q. You mean I have to go to bed at the same time my child does?
Q. What if it’s cold outside? I can’t tell them to put on a jacket?
Q. What if they don’t do what I tell them to do? What then?
Q. What if I’m afraid to trust my child’s judgment?
Q. What is the importance of respect in raising children?
Q. Why focus on respect instead of love?

Chapter Nine: Watching It Work
Respectful Guidance, Insights And Guidelines
Formulas To Keep It Respectful
Formula One: Recommended General Formula
Formula Two: Recommended Two Year Old Formula
Formula Three: Create Your Own Formula
Developing The Power Of Respect Mindset
Getting Started With The Power Of Respect
Action Formulas For Your Family’s Problem Areas
When You Do Not Agree
Calm Down
Manners / Being Polite
Bedtime Strategies
Food Strategies
Respectful Morning Scheduling
Respectful Chore Strategies
Trusting Your Children
Empowering Children
Keeping Communication Open
Whining / Tantrums
Preventing Public Tantrums
Seeming Disobedience
Prepare For Outings
New Baby: Preventing Sibling Rivalry
Children Fighting
Respect Dissolves Resistance
When You Get Upset
When Your Children Are Upset With You
Problems At School
Discovering That Your Child Has Stolen
Lying…Or How Can I Help My Kid Trust Me?
Discovering Dangerous Behavior
Legal Problems
Helping Children Through A Divorce
Single Parenting
Easing In A Stepparent

Chapter Ten: Along Comes Baby
Preparation For Pregnant Mothers
Preparation For Pregnant Fathers
Respecting The Newborn
The Older Baby: Preparing The Environment
With Safety In Mind
With Stimulation In Mind
With Independence In Mind
Providing Developmental Experiences
Keeping Up With The Toddler

Chapter Eleven: Transitional Twos: The Age Of Willpower
Respectfully Working With A Two Year Old
Making Choices
Now They Want To Dress Themselves
When Hunger Strikes
Respectful Separation
Understanding ‘Unkindness’
Keeping Your Focus
Easing To Bed
Repetition Helps It Happen

Chapter Twelve: Transformed Teens
Respectful Insights, Understandings, Guidelines And Reminders
Working With Differences
Believing In Each Other
Helping With Problems

The Conclusion

Appendix A: When Parents Have Problems
Disrespectful Parent
Sharing Childcare Duties
Talking With My Ex-Mate In A Friendly, Efficient Manner

Appendix B: Grandparents’ Problems
Adult Children
A Different Morality
Finding Agreement About Food
When You Are Concerned About Your Grandchild’s Behavior

Appendix C: Inner / Deeper
Inner Guidance
Turning Away From Your Truth
Finding Your Truth
Inner Child
Trusting Development

Appendix D: Watching It Work
Respecting Babies
Following Babies
Doctor’s Orders
Errands With Baby
The Mall With A Backpack
The Napless Morning
Traveling With A Crawler
Mama Loves Movies
The New Friend
Aunt Teresa And The Shy Baby
Grocery Shopping
Respecting Two Year Olds
He Wants To Dress Himself
When Hunger Strikes
Acknowledge The Pain
Saying Goodbye
Cooperation Moves It Faster
Understanding The Stress
Keeping Your Focus
Easing To Bed
“You Don’t Like This?”
Preparing For The Mall
Respecting Your Kids
Getting Started
“I Hate You!”
Banking On Mother’s Purse
Bedtime Flex-Time
Appreciating What Is
Hearing Both Sides
When Children Hit
Trouble With Teachers
Trusting Each Other And Getting It Done
Taking Care Of Each Other
When You’re In A Hurry
Trusting Independence
Trusting / Protecting
Moving Beyond Procrastination
Respecting Teens
Blowing Your Top
Starting With An Attitude
Comparisons Can Hurt
Cut The Curfew
Car Conflicts And The Big Date
For The Love Of The Outdoors
Today’s Hair
Where There’s A Will There’s A Way
Swearing Unveiled
Money Matters


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