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Power of Respect Network Membership

...Power of Respect Network Membership Site: your own page/ groups/ blogs/ supportive community/ videos/ articles/
trainings/ forum/ ebooks/ discounts/ weekly live Q&A chat and teleconferences with Karen Ryce =
priceless support/ guidance!...

If you ever want to cancel your Membership, just go to PayPal and cancel your subscription. If you have any trouble,
contact me by email or phone and I'll make sure your subscription is cancelled.

After you subscribe, you are re-directed to a page with a link to the Power of Respect Membership Site.

                                                  Power of Respect Mini-Course

           Are you sick and tired of punishing your kids?...Kids you love with all your heart!
    But do you believe you have to?...

                                   Do they cry...whine...have tantrums...act bratty...get in trouble...
                          are you worried about a troubled teen...are you dealing with the terrible twos?

                                           Help Is Here!
                               No more naughty more more stress of struggles...

                           Take a deep breath and relax, soothing relief is here...
       Revealed at last...a reliable system to ease family pain...powerful...failsafe...tried and revealed...

                                       A positive approach to raising children...that immediately begins to
  neutralize the poison of the single root cause of all these problems and many, many,more...

                   Put this into action!

                   Immediately begin to soothe and heal this cause of all these troubles...

    Change tears into smiles and laughter...
    Change brats into considerate, thoughtful children...
    Change trouble-makers into helpful cooperative kids...
    Change teens you're worried about into teens you're proud of and have confidence in...
    Change the terrible twos into the terrific, tremendous, joyfully adventurous twos

    Sound unreal, too good to be true?...

    I can certainly understand that...

    I've learned a thing or two during my 70,000+ hours of research, experimentation and development...

    The hard work is done for you...
    Believe me, it's simpler than you think...
    Or don't believe me...experience this for yourself

    "You Are About To Learn
    The Positive Child Approved Parenting Strategy to End Conflict NOW!..."

    Seven...Simple...Steps...A little practice...and you've got it!
    Three year olds have learned this strategy in one session...
    It has eliminated family fighting in just one session!...
    Give yourself, and your family one week to end the fighting...and bring joy
    ...and 4 weeks to bring harmony for all!

    *12 Video Lessons
    Lesson One: The Overview
    Lesson Two: Setting Up The Meeting
    Lesson Three: Define The Problem
    Lesson Four: Whose Problem Is It?
    Lesson Five: Brainstorming
    Lesson Six: Elimination
    ...Eliminating what doesn't work is the heart of this strategy...
    Lesson Seven: Negotiation
    Lesson Eight: Action
    Lesson Nine: Evaluation
    Lesson Ten: End Conflict
    Lesson Eleven: The Automatic Shift
    Lesson Twelve: Mediating For Children

    * 11 Action/Study Guides...

    * 12 Audio Lessons

    * 12 Written Lessons

    Bonus 1) *Huge Discount for a limited time...
    (Schools have paid $300 for this training...)
    Here...And For Now...for less than 1/3 the price...
           **Only $99**
    ...because I want to make this very affordable...for everyone...
    (if necessary...ask about scholarships)
    Don't worry! There is a 60 day No Hassle Money Back Guarantee.
    So there is plenty of time to make sure this is right for you and your family.

    Bonus 2) One Month Free Membership in the Power of Respect Network!
    (Benefits: membership site, supportive community, articles, videos, forum, serialized ebooks,
    discounts on everything, weekly live Q&A chat with Karen Ryce = priceless support and
    guidance!, and much, much more...)
                                 >>(After this month, $97/month)<<       

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