Karen Ryce Presents...
Karen Ryce is known as the Miracle Worker of Education and Parenting. She is famous for
engineering happiness for kids and the adults in their lives through Positive Respect, without
ever using punishment.
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Imagine your kids demonstrating the dominant, positive results that I have witnessed in
kids due to Positive Respect which helps them reveal their true nature:
• they are considerate; • capable; • they have strong, positive beliefs in their self-worth;
• they tend to make wise decisions; • they are respectful;
Wouldn’t you like your kids to be living examples of these qualities and abilities?

What Is
Covered In This Tele-Class:
1. Positive results of being respectful 2. Why Respect? 3. Using Respect
4. The Positive Respect Mindset 5. Be Respect Is Your Foundation