Karen Ryce Presents...
              The Problem

“What a shock to realize that de facto slavery exists today in the United States,
and that it is as common as apple pie or baseball. It is ‘silent’ because
although it seems to be the most common form of parenting, no one sees it, let
alone talks about it. Like much that is obvious, it is as if it were invisible. In
addition, we are conditioned to ignore, discount, and discredit most of what
children say.” The Key to Successful Parenting, Chapter One

This is The Problem. This attitude of one person having power over another
simply because that person is older is at the root of most of the problems that
develop between adults and children. (for more information read Chapter One
in The Key to Successful Parenting)

Unfortunately it spreads from there.

“Many of the relationship problems that adults have, especially those relating to
authority figures–fear of bosses, fear of spouses, hatred of police–are identical
to relationship patterns between children and their parents. Many individual
problems, as well as many social problems seem to have their roots in the type
of relationship that exists between an authoritarian parent and their child.” The
Key to Successful Parenting, Chapter Two

This core problem is at the root of many of the personal and social problems
faced today. (for more information read Chapter Two in The Key to Successful

             “No More Hurting!"

“Many social and personal problems seem to stem from one person’s
determination to control others—no matter what means are necessary, and no
matter whether there is hurt to oneself or to others. Although there may be
causes for this beyond this life, the need to control and the willingness to hurt
can be traced back to the pain in the name of control that the child had to
endure from his parents. Do you remember being born into bondage?

“We live in a world there the social group called children regularly experiences
socially expected and approved abuse: physically, emotionally, mentally, and
even spiritually. Our friends would soon desert us if we treated then so rudely,
so callously, so cruelly.

“Weren’t your parents “the bosses?” Wasn’t their authority kept in place by their
determination to be in charge, their willingness to inflict pain, by your desire to
please them and to avoid pain, and by the habit of oppression? It can be
summed up by these familiar words: “When you have your own kids you can
treat them any way you like.” The Key to Successful Parenting, Chapter Four

There are so many ways that we are oppressed as children. (for more
information read Chapter Four in The Key to Successful Parenting)

The current negative forms of human interaction could not exist in a world
where the citizens are centered, content, considerate, cooperative, willing, if
not eager, to help one another, and generally able to achieve what they are
determined to achieve.