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End Conflict NOW! Mini-Training

"This training session went well. I
received ideas on how I not only can
approach my daughter, but also how I
can address the issues I'm having with

I especially like the emphasis put on
staying calm and both parties need to
agree on whatever is being discussed."

Felicia Winston, Las Vegas
Karen Ryce is also known as "The Miracle
Worker...of Education and Parenting."

This name was given to her because she has
mastered Positive Respect...and her results
with kids often seem miraculous.

She has been an educator for over 40 years
beginning with Montessori Training...founding
a Montessori school...over 22 years in the
classroom...discovering, creating, sharing the
Power of Respect, child approved parenting...
Nevada Registry Approved Training
Harmonize With Kids - Teleseminar
**On the phone**

/28/2018   6-7 PM
One Child Care Hour
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Nevada Registry Approved Training
Harmonize With Kids
- A Teleseminar

Part One
covers four reasons to create
harmony with kids.

Part Two introduces the Positive Respect
Mindset, how to develop it and why.

Part Three introduces three Positive
Respect Strategies, together called the
Fast Formula.

Three-year-old children have quickly
mastered Strategy Two and even Strategy
Three...they don't need Strategy One.
Karen Ryce's ProTrainings 2018
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Phone: 702-538-1974
3721 Deer Flats St
Las Vegas, NV 89129