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                 Raise Happy Children Intensive or The Shortcut?

If you’d like help mastering Raise Happy Children so that you can create your own fail-safe foundation, your
own safety net, then pay close attention.

Understand that unless you were raised by parents who were never less than respectful to you, you might
have to change your habits, habits of thought, speech and action, habits that have been imprinted on your
subconscious mind since childhood, even since birth.

Chances are it’s going to take some time and focused effort on your part to change the habits you need and
want to change.

However, once you make the commitment to do this, it is just a matter of time and energy, discovery and
improving your skills.

I’ve made these changes. And I’ve focused on understanding, developing and refining this work for more than
35 years.

I have many means available to help you do this for the benefit of us all.

If you want personal attention to help you master these changes quickly and efficiently, I’ll tell you what I’
ve arranged specially for this teleseminar. Remember that you can’t buy anything from this teleseminar, but
you can apply to work with me. You fill out a brief form. I give you a call. We have a little talk and we decide if
we think you and I are a good match…if we think I can help you. Because I devote so much of my personal
time to this, I can only accept a limited number of people.

Now, let me tell you what I have created for the benefit of you and your child:

Raise Happy Children Intensive or Shortcut

The Intensive
, an eight week proprietary program comes with a one year membership to a site where you
can get almost daily support directly from me.

Membership includes: a chat room where you can chat with other members and with me. I will be in the
chat room Monday through Friday for at least an hour.
•   There is a
forum where you can post questions, comments, interact with others. I interact in the forum at
least once a week.
•   You can participate in
groups, create your own page with pictures, videos, a blog.
•   You can participate in
events, online and offline / get special discounts / get all the support you need
and want…

There is also Raise Happy Children: The Shortcut. I’ll tell you about this after I cover what’s included in the

Every Tuesday you receive an email with a link to a Raise Happy Children Video Training. This is pre-
recorded so that you get the best presentation of the information. Every evening Monday through Friday I am
in the chat room on the member site to answer your questions.
Thursday there is a live Q&A, lasting as
long as necessary to answer your questions to your satisfaction. Besides this you get
two hours individual
coaching with me. There is also a Raise Happy Children Study Guide & Manual, Support Newsletter and

At the beginning of each Raise Happy Children Video Training you get a suggested action or series of actions
so that you can begin immediately, if you wish.

Week One focuses on getting clear on respect and other concepts that you need to master to raise a happy
1. Be Respect Is Your Foundation
•     Think Respect
•     Speak Respect
•     Act Respect
o      To Yourself
o      To Your Children
o      To Others
2. Find What Works for All
3. Model What Matters To You
4. Make Trusting Your First Choice

Week Two gives you an overview of all of the giant steps you’ll be taking and the baby steps.
1.        Step-By-Step Plan to Raise Happy Children
2.        Power of Respect Mindset
3.        Plan for Calm
4.        Formula Step 1: Preparation
5.        Formula Step 2: Action
6.        Formula Step 3: Expect/Notice/Appreciate
7.        Formula Step 4: Let Go

Week Three helps you learn respectful language, teaches some respect skills and how to develop respect
even more as a constant in your life.
8.        Language of Respect / Self Talk   
9.        Cue
10.        Respected Person
11.        Re-Focus to A Respectful Thought
12.        Daily Respectful Action
13.        Acknowledge Your Respectful Actions
14.        Expect Your Respectful Actions
15.        Reward Your Respectful Actions
16.        Celebrate Your Respectful Actions

Week Four teaches you the strategy End Conflict NOW!
17.        Overview    
18.        Setting Up the Meeting
19.        Brainstorm
20.        Eliminate
21.        Negotiate
22.        Act
23.        Evaluate
24.        Mental Rehearsal
25.        End Conflict
26.        Automatic Shift
27.        Mediating

Week Five learn the importance of your role as a model and how to use it to help you raise a happy child.
28.        Understand You Are A Model    
29.        Remember You Are A Model
30.        Be A Good Model
31.        Decide What’s Important
32.        New Directions
33.        Model It

Week Six focuses on self-respect and is filled with tools, skills and strategies to help you develop and
increase your self-respect.
34.        Self-Respect
35.        Helpful Techniques For Change
36.        Practicing The Skills Of Self-Respect
37.        Forgive Self
38.        Forgive Others

Week Seven helps you make trusting your child simple, easy, in fact, your first choice.
39.        Benefits of Trusting Children    
40.        Steps Toward Trusting
41.        Trusting = Your 1st Choice

Week Eight teaches you how to be respectful to two year olds, helping them make the most of this period
and thereby helping them make the best of their lives.
42.        Transitional Twos: The Age of Willpower   
43.        Respectfully Working With A Two Year Old
44.        Two Year Old Making Choices
45.        The Legacy

So, those are the 55 lessons you receive with this 8-week intensive, 10 giant steps in the first week, and the
other 45 lessons spread over the next 7 weeks. These 10 giant steps are for those of you who, like three year
olds, are ready for immediate action.

It may sound complicated, but three year old children have gotten to the essence of this whole approach after
one session of the powerful strategy you went through.

However, three year olds do not have a lot of programming getting in the way. It’s for adults that I have
developed this whole program. So whether this is just what you’ve been waiting for and you don’t need a lot of
help, or whether this is just what your children have been wishing for and you do want a lot of help because
you really do want your children to be happy…help is here.

In order to apply to work with me you need to fill out an
application. One thing that you need to decide on
the application is whether you want to focus on The Shortcut or the Intensive.

The Shortcut I work with you personally as much as necessary to ensure that you are confident that
you have the skills you need to raise your children…happy. There are
two Bonuses for the Shortcut: the
complete Intensive and the Weekend Training-Vacation for you and your family. At this point there are only 3
openings for the Shortcut.

There are three Bonuses for the Intensive:

Bonus One: Two hours personal consultation with me.
Bonus Two: You may continue to participate in the Q&As for a whole year
Bonus Three: Weekend Training/Vacation for you and your family

I know that all of you still here want a lifetime of feeling at ease about your children, believing in them, thinking
joy-filled thoughts about them and, of course, loving them unconditionally. So apply to work with me
personally, either in the Intensive or The Shortcut.

In order to apply you need to pay a
refundable deposit of $100.00. If we decide that we are not a good fit,
for whatever reason, this deposit is returned to you immediately. Remember, at the beginning of the
teleseminar, I told you that if you apply and we talk and agree that I could help you and your family, my
commitment to you is that we find a price that feels good to us both. So if you want to apply to work with me,
go to :                 

There are two fast action bonuses for those of you who apply to work with me before this teleseminar is
finished. The first is an additional Training-Vacation for you and your family. The second is only for the first
five people that apply. You not only get the additional Training-Vacation for you and your family, you also get
an additional three hours personal consultation with me.

Just click on the following link and go to
www.happykidsco.com/apply   Get your fast action bonuses now.
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