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"Karen Ryce's Parenting for the New Millennuim is a compassionate, innovative way of
rearing children with respect and understanding. Mrs. Ryce's philosophy of listening to
and allowing the child to find his or her own way celebrates the growth potential inherent
in each individual. Her methodology readily translates from the home to the educational
environment, adhering to ideals that follow basic human understanding and truth from
conception through young adulthood. I have gained a new way of looking at students
thanks to Mrs. Ryce's wonderful book."
Judith Rubin                                                                                                                  
Library Media Teacher                                          
Griffith Middle School                                                                          
Los Angeles
The following ENDORSEMENTS are for the book, Parenting for the New Millennium,
Creating Friendly Families Through the Power of Respect, the foundation for all that came after.
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Karen Ryce Presents...
“An easy-to-understand book that gives a bundle of ideas and communication skills for
building families that function peacefully and foster the kind of kids every parent wants.”

Dr. Thomas Gordon, Author, P.E.T.                              
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