Karen Ryce Presents...
Good Parent Good Kids
by Karen Ryce

You have one of the most difficult jobs that exists.

It is your job to care for kids in crisis, to provide them with the loving atmosphere they do not
have with their parents, for a variety of reasons.

The Tools, Skills and Strategies of the Power of Respect can help you and the kids under your
care have a good time together.

In order to help you immerse yourself, for your benefit, for the kids' benefit, and for the benefit of
us all, start with the End Conflict NOW! Mini-Course. You get video, audio and written versions
of it. People have paid as much as $300.00 for this training.
..."my teenage child's belligerant
and exasperated tone"..."how to
change the dynamics?"...
"How do you deal respectfully
with teenagers when they
reject your values...?"
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