Karen Ryce Presents...
                           Celebrate Father’s Day and the Power of Respect

Happy Father's Day to all you fathers! I wish a day filled with joy, peace, all the good things you

As your loving family is gratefully celebrating your presence in their lives, consider taking some
time to prepare for your next year as a father.

Know that you are the model for how an adult male is to act, to speak, to think. Make sure you are
being the model you want to be. It affects your sons. They try out your behavior for themselves. It
affects your daughter. She looks for a man like her father.

6 ways the Power of Respect can help you:

1.        You have more energy - the energy you used as the enforcer is now freed up for you
2.        Your kids become self-enforcers and you are free to enjoy them
3.        Your influence over your kids becomes huge
4.        You ensure that your kids grow up being respectful adults
5.        You help create an atmosphere of peace and harmony in your home
6.        You ensure good self-esteem in your kids

The Power of Respect can help you have more energy - the energy you used as the
enforcer is now freed up for you:

Imagine not having to be the one to enforce the rules, to give out the punishments... That takes a
lot of energy. Think of the energy it takes when you are mad at your kids. Mad generates a lot of
energy. Now this energy can be for you to use in ways that please you.

You will gain more energy having a good time with your kids than punishing them. That's a
bummer for everyone.

It takes a lot of energy making sure that they aren't breaking the rules and making sure they
follow the rules.

What if I showed you that you don't have to use your energy that way? In fact, it's counter-
productive behavior for any parent. You want your kids to learn, right? Well, this doesn't teach.
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The Power of Respect can help your kids become self-enforcers and you are free to
enjoy them:

When you use the Power of Respect, you all agree on the rules. Your kids, having been part of
making up the rules and having agreed on them, now are eager to be self-enforcers. You are off
the hook and can just enjoy your time with them.

The Power of Respect can help your influence over your kids become huge!:

When you are no longer a threat to your kids, they know that no decisions about them are made
without their agreement, they come to you whenever they need help, when they want to share,
when they just want to enjoy being with you.

They have always loved you, but now they are not guarded and protective of themselves, they
are open to what you have to say. They want your opinion. They are grateful for your suggestions
and, if it makes sense to them, they follow your advice.

Your ability to influence your kids has just grown HUGE!

The Power of Respect can help you ensure that your kids grow up being respectful

When a child is raised with respect as their parents' bottom line, no matter what, the parent is
never less than respectful, that child grows up filled with respect. That child gives respect out to
everyone, peers, younger people and all adults. Most of the time that is what they will get back
and it just keeps on growing.

The Power of Respect can help you create an atmosphere of peace and harmony in
your home:

Imagine...everyone in your family knows how to treat every other member respectfully...and they
do...they want to. How does that look? How does that feel?

You can do this with the help of the Power of Respect.

The Power of Respect can help you ensure good self-esteem in your kids:

When your kids' thoughts and opinions are considered to be as important as anyone else's in the
family, when something they don't like is scratched off the list of possible options, they feel pretty
good about themselves. As this continues they feel better and better, and their self-esteem goes
higher and higher.

This is not just false pride, it based on re-gaining their personal power and believing in their
importance in this world. Through the Power of Respect and your example, you are giving them
the tools to use their personal power for the benefit of all, including themselves.

These beliefs in their importance, their value will serve them well in life, as will the harmonizing
skills they learn through the practice of the Power of Respect.

So, this Father's Day, if respect is already your bottom line, celebrate that - knowing what good
your are doing for your kids and our world, if not find out how to make the Power of Respect your
bottom line.
                                                 The Fifth Style of Parenting

I guess I'm behind on this. I didn't know there were four styles of parenting. I just read about them.

I am here to announce a 5th Style of Parenting. This is the Style that uses the Power of Respect
as its foundation.

It is a Responsive form of parenting, but it is not really Demanding nor Indulgent. It is Respectful,

It has elements of Demanding, in that it requires the parent to keep the family on track in terms of
Respectful interaction.

It also has elements of Indulgent, in that the parent wants the child/children/teen to have things go
the way they want them to go
However, the important, significant, essential difference it its Harmonious approach. Each and
every family member is important and deserves to have what they need and want in their life. This
is achieved to the benefit of all and not at the expense of anyone.

Once everyone in the family knows the skills involved in achieving this, life can move along
harmoniously. These skills are easy to learn. Three year olds learn them quickly. Adults have a
little harder time, because they have past programming to let go of.

This 5th Form of Parenting has rules and guidelines, but they are not imposed rules and
guidelines. They are willingly chosen and eagerly followed.

And I have to let you know...punishment does not enter into this harmonious situation.
If you want joy and harmony for your family, learn and practice this 5th Form of Parenting, the
Power of Respect. Kids love it and so do the adults who try it. Want to find out more? Go to
                                     No Punishment…No Risk of Child Abuse

In today's news a mother has been found guilty of child abuse by doing things that some people
believe are acceptable ways of punishing children. I certainly do not believe that, and neither did
the jury.

It's time to eliminate the risk of child abuse. Just because your parents did this to you and you do it
to your children and everyone you know does this to their children, it does not mean that you
cannot be arrested, as this mother was, and be found guilty of child abuse, as this mother was.

Instead of trying to figure out which punishments are okay and which are not...eliminate
punishment completely, eliminate the screams of your children and replace them with the joy of
laughter and children being happy and respectful. You can do this by using the Power of Respect.

Using the Power of Respect can get you what you want: cooperative, helpful children who listen
when you speak, without the pain of punishment.

The tools, skills and strategies of the Power of Respect are so simple that three year old children
learn them easily. Most people know most of them already, they are just not in the habit of using
them with children in the way taught by the Power of Respect.

One of the most important is to be respectful to children. This cannot be stressed enough. Being
respectful is not unknown to most people. However, being respectful to children is not is not the
most common use of respect.

Learn how to use the Power of Respect and reap so many more benefits from your children than
punishment will ever give you, if it gives you any... To find out more go to
                                 Eliminate Punishment...Eliminate Child Abuse

I was writing my first book about the Power of Respect when I was asked if I would please help out
at our Montessori school, called Children's House. There was a student who could not be
dismissed from the school, but who was causing so much trouble for the rest of the students. She
was hurting children left and right. She was four years old.

I agreed to help. I became her constant companion. I was consistently respectful to her, but would
not let her hurt other children. I've walked my talk for many years. I played with her, was kind to
her, shared information like, "Other children won't want to play with you if you hit
(pinch/scratch/kick...) them." And "Children like when you share (take turns/ask for what you
want/play with them...)." And "See how they want you to play with them now?"

During one wonderful play session with several other children, she revealed that she was treated
in the same way that the child whose mother was found guilty of child abuse, had treated her son.
Over the years, I found that the children who were hurtful to other children at Children's House had
at least one parent who was hurtful to them.

I'm here to share with you an alternative to punishment. If you use the Power of Respect in your
family, everyone gets their needs met, but not at the expense of anyone. Just make respect your
bottom line when relating to your children.

If you want help with this just get in touch with me. That's my work.

By the way, after two weeks of working with that hurtful and hurting child at Children's House, I was
asked to leave...because she no longer needed my help. She was getting along fine with the other
children. I went back to my writing. To find more help go to