The Miracle Worker...of Education and Parenting

This name was given to me several years ago because I have mastered the
Power of Respect. Therefore, my results with kids can seem miraculous.

In 1973 my now ex-husband and I started a Montessori pre-school. Four years
before this, in 1969, I went to  India.  My ex-husband and I enrolled in
Montessori Training.  The Montessori Course was being given in Hyderabad in
South India .

The trainer was Mr. A.M. Joosten.  Since the age of 14 he actually lived with
Dr. Maria Montessori, the originator of Montessori Education. He had been
training students in India in the Montessori Method since Dr. Montessori called
him from Holland to take over what she had started in India.

I graduated in the top few students in my class. Although I already had my B.A.
in Anthropology, it was here, in the Montessori Course, that I learned the
important functions of childhood, worthy of great respect.

We were asked by Mr. A. M. Joosten to stay on the next year as assistants to
the course. We helped with everything except lecturing. We assisted in the
practical classes, graded papers, tests, and sat as examiners for the final
examination. On our own we formed study groups with interested students to
give them one-on-one attention.

After the Training Center moved, we decided that it was time to return to the
United States to start our own Montessori school. In 1973 we ended up in the
mountains of Northern California where the community invited us to start our
pre-school which we called Children's House. We started in the town of

During this time we decided to incorporate, and Beginnings’ Incorporated, was

Soon after this, a friend sent us a notice that the State of California was
looking to fund programs such as ours.

I applied for the funding and our program was funded. That funding continues
to this day.

I remained as head teacher at Children’s House for 15 years.  I realized that I
needed to share what I learned about being respectful to children with the

I began writing what turned into my first book,
Friendly Families and the Power
of Respect
. This eventually became Parenting for the New Millennium. It is now
taking ebook forms. The first is
Teens and the Power of Respect. The latest is
Good Parent Good Kids.

I gave workshops and classes, spoke on the radio, wrote for a local magazine
and newspaper. I have taught adults, teens and children how to use the Power
of Respect. They can see for themselves the benefits. I once received a
spontaneous standing ovation from a classroom of elementary students.

I have been named the Miracle Worker of Education and Parenting because I
have harnessed the Power of Respect and put it to work in everything I do, in
every action I take, in every choice I make. I use it to help bring out the best in
every child or teen I have worked with, interacted with or lived with.

I am here to help you do the same. I can help parents and their kids turn away
from troubles and toward an enjoyable relationship.
Karen Ryce Presents...