Imagine How This Feels...

•        Everyone getting along…Imagine …all of you enjoying being together
•        Respectful Kids…it's an inevitable result of following The 1 Rule...Imagine...
•        Confident Kids...they'll thank you for this!
•        Harmonious Kids...they learn it too!
•        Personal Clarity…as a parent, you now know what to say and do, when and how
•        Ability To Shift Your Thinking...super powerful ability to improve any area of life
•        Being A Good Model...feeling good about the model you are for your kids
•        Raising Trustworthy Kids...PRICELESS!!!
•        Ending Conflict…follow The 1 Rule and conflict fades into harmony
• know how good that is!
What You Get in The 1 Rule: The Training
  • By the end of the first lesson you could find/create harmony with your kids for life!
That's all you need, but there's more!
  • A proven way to raise happy kids and be a happy parent
  • Helping kids do their true work
  • Work with their Developmental Blueprint instead of against
  • How Positive Respect makes sure you raise respectful kids
  • Adults First is a game changer!

1) The 108 Tools, Skills, Strategies I've used
2) The Harmonize
Fast Formula

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Think about this
You no longer dread the frustrating, embarrassing conflicts with your child.
That has all changed.
Now you know how to deal with your differences in ways that feel good to you both.
And it happened so fast.
And it was so easy.
Such satisfaction!
   Such peace of mind.
•        ...feeling wonderfully confident as a parent.
•        ...feeling so good knowing that you are raising happy, confident, respectful kids.
•        ...loving to see the smile on your child’s face and their enthusiasm for life.
•        ...basking in the compliments you receive about how great your child is.
Why Work With Me

This is an invitation…
•        to skip the 10,000+ hours of investment it would take to achieve mastery and
•        learn from someone who knows the path, who has already put in over 40,000 hours.
•        Someone who has mastered this path to the point where it can be taught in minutes.
•        Imagine… receiving in seconds an unexpected way to create and maintain harmony with your kids.
The 1 Rule: The Training offers you a way to
create/increase/maintain harmony with kids
...a way that has proven true for many years...
A Way You Can Count ON