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Karen Ryce Presents...
"...Want Happier, More Respectful, More Confident Kids?
...More Peace Of Mind For You?..."
"Imagine.....children who are automatically respectful to others...
…who are skilled at helping find solutions that work for them and others...
…who are willing, even eager, to cooperate..."
Quote from book Good Parents Good Kids by Karen Ryce

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"Imagine your child...
  • smiling, laughing, moving joyfully through life...
  • looking with wonder at life’s beauty and mystery...
  • experiencing the thrill of discovery...
  • the challenge of adventure..."
Quote from Good Parents Good Kids by Karen Ryce
...Parents...Grandparents...Teachers...Child Care Givers...
Comments about Karen Ryce’s
Parenting for the New Millennium
“I started to read it and couldn’t put it down.”
“It’s my bible!”
“My children are so nice now!”
“I wish I had this book when I was raising my children.”
“It’s every parent’s dream come true.”
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Parenting for the New Millennium
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Parenting For The New Millennium
Creating Friendly Families Through The Power Of Respect
book by Karen Ryce...The Book That Started It All...
An easy-to-understand book that gives
a bundle of ideas and communication skills for
building families that function peacefully and
foster the kind of kids every parent wants.

Dr. Thomas Gordon,
P.E.T. Parent Effectiveness Training
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Susan R Yockey: I am very grateful to have started working with
you, my 4 yr old went from hitting, biting, kicking to now a
pleasant little girl, we are working together, it is a journey and
like anything takes practice, I am grateful for the 1 rule you have
created Thank You Karen for your compassion to raising happy
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